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Hello children, I have rode five hard days and nights on my trusty steed across 200 leagues just to come and deliver this important message. OhGizmo! is having a holiday giveaway with over $1,200 worth of stuff. That's right my brethren, one thousand, two hundred. OhGizmo! is great, run along now and enter their contest.

OhGizmo! Holiday Giveaway


Well, Tarquin was born today. (He is a boy) Goopy chose the name. I was a bit worried that he would inherit Goopy's gargantuan lips, but luckily, he did not. (Also, I apologize for the terrible quality of previous photos.)We had to expand the house to fit a nursery.Tarquin has a large mouth. But not large lips! A stray Z.Then I became pregnant again! Oh dear. We were running out of money too. At one point we only had 24 dollars and I was starving and couldn't afford any food. But, I made it.
There is little Fernella.
Tarquin takes after his father and is extremely nice and playful. But, also like his father, is sloppy and lazy. Hmmm.


Hello folks, my name is Wilhelmina. I have amnesia from a car accident I was in as a teenager. I was just released from the hospital this morning. So, I decided I would buy a lot and begin my life anew!Here is my humble home. As you can see, I like the color SALMON, although I cannot afford many nice things. It'll be good for now.The first person I met in Pleasantview was the paperboy. He was really nice, although no matter how much I tried to explain that soccer balls theoretically should not exist, he would not understand. He has a bizarre last name.I also met Don Snyder and Darren Dreamer. I was quite taken by Darren Dreamer.
That is, until he started vomiting everywhere and...Yeah... But at work, I met a nice young man named Goopy. He is a really nice guy, but slightly odd looking.Every girl loves a sharp dressed man.
I got over how strange his face was. And I proposed.
The cheap bastard only had $1000.


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